We — Merle, Rebecca and Brian — are colleagues who’ve worked together for over 20 years. We have collaborated and taught in private studios, company schools, international summer schools and productions, as well as successfully coached students and professional dancers for auditions, competitions and examinations.
Having assessed thousands of dancers in so many schools for all these years, we have been in the privileged position of truly understanding the needs and difficulties experienced globally in the dance community. We recognized that there were many very experienced teachers producing beautiful dancers that appreciated outside validation and honest feedback, as well as teachers who were just starting out and thirsting for input.
It seemed that the next step was to create a program that offered teachers fresh tools and ideas. Hence the birth of IDA.

Our goals for the program:
• Support the teachers
• Be suitable for both pre-professional and recreational dancers
• Offer a challenge but be attainable
• Have inspiring choreography and music
• Reward dancers’ efforts
• Encourage good technique, artistry and musicality
• Have clear, attainable goals for the dancers
• Provide choreography, format and feedback in a complete program
• Be enjoyable to teach, perform and observe

We have collaborated with two professional and experienced musicians, Steven Mitchell and Brian Sepel, who agreed to compose/arrange music to complement our choreography. Together we have created a program that fulfilled our goals.
We are fortunate enough to have some wonderful schools that joined us in our first year’s trial period. We are delighted that in our second year — before we had even launched or advertised our program — we have not only had 100% retention, but an increase of almost 40%. We appreciate the feedback and support of our Founding Members and take this opportunity to thank them.
We invite you to become an IDA member to join a nurturing and supportive community.