Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view and purchase program materials?

To purchase the program, you must register as a teacher or purchase a membership.

For access to members only pages, you must qualify as a member and purchase a membership.

Becoming a member qualifies you for discounts on program materials.


Who is able to schedule awards?

Any member may schedule and hold an award event. We will be glad to help you plan your event.

Is there a grading system for IDA?

All students receive a medal and certificate celebrating their performance.

The program may be presented as either an assessment or an evaluation. Both options are designed to achieve technical and artistic improvement, as well as foster a love of dance.

Assessments measure a performance or skill in order to provide directives to the teacher for improving future performance, document strengths and encourage growth. Assessments are nonjudgmental and are structured to help produce improvement.

Evaluations focus on judging the technical and artistic qualities of the student’s performance, documenting the level of attained achievement.

The Evaluation Grades are:
Pass; Merit; Highly Commended; Honors; Elite Honors

What are the tiers and what is their relevance to the program?

The program consists of a series of tiers.

  • Tier A is a pre-level. This is an introduction to a live performance for a young child,
    accomplished in a group setting, and culminating in an exciting and positive first experience.
  • The B-P #1 Tiers are considered classical levels, and are building blocks on which teachers can
    provide specific instruction.
  • The B-P #2 Tiers are considered a pre-professional level where technical and artistic
    expectations of students are increased, and the teachers are given materials to offer students
    greater challenges.
Does the IDA program advocate any specific method of dance instruction?

Definitely not. This program is rooted in classical ballet and is compatible with all teaching methods.

Is the IDA program costly?

Our program is cost-comparable to other programs.


Is the IDA program for girls only?

No, we provide options for boys as well.


May I use the IDA logo on my website?

We would be glad to send our official artwork to our registered teacher members for their promotional use. Any use of other videos or material must get prior approval from the International Dance Acclaim team.

Where do I find the downloads that I have purchased?

After you make your purchase, links to your downloads appear in your confirmation email and on your Sign In page. Note: you must be signed in to initiate a download.

Can I share my downloaded material or my download link with a colleague?

No. The download is for your own use. Please share a link to our site with your colleague so that they are able to become members in their own right and purchase their own material. Sharing of this material is an infringement of the Copyright Law and is a criminal offense.

Is there someone to talk to if I have questions about the program?

Yes! Merle and Rebecca are very happy to help.  We are available to talk via telephone, text or email. Brian Loftus our Artistic Advisor is also always happy to respond.

What is the minimum amount of students I need to enter to hold an awards event?

It depends on many factors, such as travel and tiers entered. If you’re not sure if you have enough entries please give us a call so we can help.