• Infuse your studio with fresh ideas and offer tangible short- and long-term goals to your students
  • Improve technique – having students work on the same exercises over a period of time gives them the opportunity to focus on the detail and technique
  • Generate additional income:
    • Offer summer programs based on the IDA work culminating in the awards
    • Offer additional classes
    • Private lessons
    • Admission charges to awards
    • Concessions at awards
  • Challenge students to pick up and retain choreography
  • Enhance performance quality
  • Increase stamina
  • Provide performance opportunities
  • Receive validation and feedback from an IDA adjudicator
  • Increase enrollment
  • Masterclasses – an opportunity to have a class given by the adjudicator
  • Provides you, the teacher or studio owner, with a community of like-minded teachers to support and encourage one another without the fear of local competition

Without doubt any studio would benefit from utilising the IDA program. It provides a much needed focus to the ballet class. Students love the work and are excited about learning the next dance.

Anita Gough

Owner / Director , Center Pointe Dance Studio, Grand Cayman