A huge thank you to the following people for their invaluable help and support.

Brian Loftus, our artistic adviser and mentor; Steven Mitchell and Brian Sepel for bringing our work to life with their inspiring music; Will Wagner for designing our website and producing our videos; Terry Medwig for his design and creativity; Pamela McCray, Robynne Edwards and Heather White Hagar for their invaluable contributions; Sharon Wagner, Liza Kerlin and Doug Davert for their important advice; our founding members for their helpful feedback and support; the talented and enthusiastic dancers who performed in the videos; and the students and parents of Academy of Dance for their hard work and dedication throughout this project.

We also want to thank our families who have not only encouraged and believed in us, but have also given so much of their time and support, they have been our editors, business advisers, demonstrators and champions.

We thank you with all our heart.