Membership Subscription


IDA Membership Sunbscription


Product Description

An annual subscription to the IDA is required to become a member and to purchase and download the IDA teacher’s products.
This subscription is restricted to authorized teachers only.

Once a subscription is activated, the teacher becomes a member and has access to certain restricted website pages and posts as well as the authority to purchase IDA products: the IDA video, music and class notes for each group (Junior, Intermediate and Advanced).

Note: Adding this Membership Subscription to the cart enables the following discounts:

  • $75.00 off the “Pre-Junior/Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Bundle” – use Coupon Code: “membership+3″

  • $50.00 off the “Pre-Junior/Junior and Intermediate” or “Intermediate and Advanced” bundles – use Coupon Code: “membership+2″

  • $25.00 off any individual Tier package – use Coupon Code: “membership+1″